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Niall Black

Property & Private Client Partner
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Niall Black is qualified as a Solicitor for twenty five years and has spent most of this with Richard Black Solicitors. Niall Black specialises in private clients and family business.

Throughout his career Niall has dealt with thousands of property transactions both residential and commercial, development sites, housing estates and commercial Leases.

Over the past six years with the downturn in the world economy there have been significant changes in the complexity and stress for the parties involved dealing with even the most straightforward types of transaction. Niall’s experience here has led to the successful completion of many property transactions over the past three years where his insight has protected his client’s interests and secured a successful completion of transactions despite the adverse circumstances.

In the last couple of years Niall has also been involved on behalf of many commercial clients in re-negotiating their position with their lending institutions. While this is not a position that any individual wishes to find themselves in, with the benefit of the firm’s unique insight into banking, Niall has successfully negotiated satisfactory solutions.

On the private client side of the business Niall is involved in Wills and Estate Planning ensuring that wealth can be passed to the next generation in the most tax effective manner. With asset values currently depressed it is a good time to consider asset transfers in families, and many clients are taking the opportunity to do this. He also provides family law advice.

Niall has large experience in personal injury litigation and currently deals with personal injury litigation for the firm.

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